Monday, 10 February 2014

Everyone home safe, everyday

How many of you, particularly the regular commuters among you, admit to getting even a teeny, tiny bit stressed, irritated or angry when your usually smooth running journey is inconvenienced by late trains or engineering works?  It definitely makes for a bad start to the day but, next time, take a moment to think of the hard workers behind the delays and remember that they’re working to get ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day.’

This statement was the foundation of a campaign launched in 2011 to announce Network Rail’s comprehensive ‘Lifesaving Rules,’ a big push by the rail industry’s operator to develop a meaningful mantra centered around behavioural-based safety in rail.  At the time of launch, many companies had their own initiatives; however, there was a lack of a single and clear industry message.  Now, led by Network Rail and the new Sentinel Rules, Safety in the rail industry is changing for the better.

As Primat will sponsor the UK Rail Industry Workforce Safety Award later this month, we’ve got to be thinking about what behavioural safety and change means for recruitment.  For some rail recruiters its business as usual.  For others, it’s a push for major changes; as the industry drives this ethos, recruiters need to follow suit, demonstrating they have sourced and supplied qualified, skilled and safety-minded personnel to deliver the work for the client. At Primat, we feel strongly about track safety and echo the values instilled in the lifesaving rules through our own company values which centre around ‘believing in people’ and ‘never compromising on safety’.

Here’s what these values mean for our workforce:
·         Our candidates undergo comprehensive compliance checks to ensure they’re fully qualified and skilled for the scope of work
·         All candidates are inducted into Primat’s safety values, and the industry lifesaving rules
·         Our candidates are engaged in Primat’s safety values at induction but it doesn't stop there – coaching, shared knowledge and communication means everyone can positively contribute to the safety culture.
·         In a drive to create more safety leaders, there’s strong encouragement for candidates to attend a behavioural-safety related course.

And it’s good news for our clients too.  Participating in safety and behavioural-focused meetings and joint safety visits is high on our agenda. This ensures that we are all working to common goals and ensures our behaviour positively influences the way we work and attitudes to rules and processes.

Most of all, we want to maintain our culture of commitment to the ever evolving focus on workforce safety within the UK rail industry.

So, how will you behave the next time your journey is derailed?  We know what our rail workforce will be thinking: ‘everyone home safe every day’.

The UK Rail Industry Awards is being held on 20th February 2014 at The Brewery, London. To learn more please click here