Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the calendar for many Brits. Of course, just like any large holiday it is celebrated across the world in many eccentric ways. Here are a few we found were particularly interesting:

Omelette, anyone?

If you find your way around the town of Haux in southern France on Easter Monday, you best do it with an empty stomach because the French celebrate in a culinary fashion. In Haux, locals gather around 4,000 eggs, five or six chefs and a rather large frying pan and cook a giant omelette. This great gastronomic extravaganza happens every year and the famous omelette is said to be shared amongst 1000 people.


A darker, much more intriguing Easter tradition is that of the Norwegians. Every ear around the Easter holidays Norwegian popular culture is injected with an array of crime thrillers, whether they are TV Shows, books or even cartoons. This tradition started back in 1923 with an ad of Gyldendal's book publisher Harald Grieg. The Easter crime thriller book was such a success, the Norwegian public developed an expectation for such a themed release on a yearly basis.   

A hop, skip and a jump…

You are all probably thinking of the Easter bunny, but have you ever heard of the ‘Easter Bilby’. The bilby is a small marsupial which used to be quite common in Australia. Today, it is an endangered species and Australians have devised a creative way in which to raise awareness of the declining population of Bilby’s: by celebrating them at Easter time. So if you happen to be visiting Oz over Easter, don’t be surprised if the bunnies look slightly different!

So there you have it, it’s not all fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs. Do you have any unusual Easter customs? How are you celebrating Easter Sunday? Share your story with us! 


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